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From ceiling fan installations to electrical service upgrades, residential and commercial service, Corey Sly Electrical Service, Inc., does it all. With our services you have access to fast response times, usually same-day or next-day service, as well as reliable, honest and trained technicians. We have been proudly serving the Permian Basin since 1988. Our rates are based on a flat-rate pricing system and we offer you personalized service to meet your specific needs.
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Corey Sly Electrical Service, Inc.
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Besides being a Master Electrician, Corey is also an artist.  Amongst our customers, he is known for the yearly limited edition art prints he gives to each and every customer in show of his appreciation for their  business.
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Our newest commercial that is airing on NewsWest9 gives a quick glimpse into something that has become very popular with our clients. It's a motorized lowering device that can be installed on almost any chandelier or light fixture, up to 1100 lbs. It is especially useful for those tall vaulted ceilings that make it difficult for homeowners to replace bulbs. With the touch of a button it eliminates the need to call someone out for light bulb replacement and it also makes for super easy cleaning. Call us for more information or to set up a free estimate, 570-0229.
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Have you ever had a breaker trip? A lot of people don't realize a breaker trips for several reasons and knowing what is causing the problem can protect your home. If you are experiencing breakers that are tripping too often or not at all, you need to get them checked. With our new equipment, called The Megger 832, we can check the breakers in your electrical panel and make sure they are working properly. Give us a call to schedule your preventative maintenance call today. Read our "FYI" featured article in the Midland Reporter Telegram for more information.
Word of mouth is the best advertising tool for any business. We always love to hear what our customers are telling their friends, family, and neighbors about us. No matter it be a 5-star rating or constructive criticism, we want to know! Customer reviews are best way for us to find out how we are doing and it helps us become aware of adjustments that might be needed. Please, take a minute and let us hear how we did.

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